How do you create a buyer persona?

While you should aim at expanding your online presence by reaching the highest number of users as possible, you should also be aware that you cannot attract everyone. Social media strategists know very well that random posting does not pay. We already covered the importance of establishing the right posting times for each social media network (link to a previous blog article on ‘how to post every day’). We have mentioned researching your customers’ preferences but there is something that goes beyond that: creating a buyer persona.

A buyer persona – also called ‘Customer Avatar’ or ‘Ideal Customer Profile’- is the virtual portrait of the user who, given certain characteristics and preferences, is more likely to become your customer. This is probably because the values, colours and voice you used to build your brand reflect their choices. Your voice is somehow also their voice.

But how can you turn the above ‘probably’ into a more measurable set of reasons why some people are more likely to like what you do compared to others?

  • Get information from analytics platforms. Enquiring about gender, age and location might sound boring, but luckily nowadays most social media networks and website hosts have developed their own data collection systems which you can easily access. Google Analytics too can help you do the same. The more relevant categories which are measured by analytics tools are normally gender, age, income and education. So, whenever a user visits your website or social media page, data collection systems detect whether they are married or single, which age range they belong to, their educational background and how much they earn. But even more interesting than this is the ability of getting to know people’s interests and behaviour: if they are passionate about sports or politics, how often they go online, what they purchase and from which brands.
  • Ask your existing customers. It could be a good idea getting some feedback from customers who are already buying your products or using your services if they are satisfied/dissatisfied with some aspects of your business. You could do this by contacting them on the phone and asking them if they are available to spare ten minutes of their time to help you improve your customer service. Many companies do this regularly and it is a good way to get reliable responses.
  • And now, let’s get to it. This is maybe the most fun part of the job. A buyer persona is a fictional, ideal customer and it can actually be created by using buyer persona templates and tools. There are many free websites online that you can refer to, and you can develop one of more customer avatars, especially if your business offers a range of services/products. Most templates will recommend you include the following areas:
    • Demographics
    • Psychographics: habits, hobbies and interests.
    • Goals and values
    • Media use (online preferences but also, newspapers, magazines,  and other media)
    • Challenges and pain points (what a person identifies as a challenge in their life and what are the things they want to avoid).

You can apply your template to existing customers, but it is also perfectly fine to decide on some questions and then answer them yourself or by involving your team, as the result will be anyway the creation of a specific entity which is perceived to be close to your company’s mission.

  • Involve your buyer persona(s) in your campaigns. Once you have your avatars, use them for your campaigns on social media, especially if you are paying for them. This will help to maximise your budget and target the right people.

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